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Ghana Science Project is very grateful for the donation of Astronomy books by the Education & Public Outreach Unit of Cornell University (USA), who ran a book drive to facilitate our astronomy outreach efforts. Nancy Schaff, Education & Public Outreach Coordinator, led the effort from Cornell.

AstroBookDrive was founded by Thilina Heenatigala (Sri Lanka Astronomical Association) and Prof. John T Clarke (Boston University) in September 2009. Astro Book Drive is a global initiative working towards fulfilling a very important role in the development of astronomy education worldwide. The imbalance in science resources of all types between the developed and undeveloped world has made it very difficult for developing countries to keep from slipping even further behind as science and technology accelerate in the countries that are historically stronger in these fields. Sharing surplus books and other educational materials with groups in developing countries can do a lot to alleviate this imbalance. Astro Book Drive works to move these books -- books that would otherwise lay unused in libraries and other collections -- to where they are educational treasures, often in countries where they are otherwise unobtainable. Sharing even the simplest of resources as Astro Book Drive does is a no-cost option to participants that should be emulated in many other fields.

Thilina Heenatigala is an informal astronomy educator/project coordinator with a focus on global education and networking with experience in public outreach, informal teaching, project consultancy, event organizing, network building and science writing. Possesses passion for astronomy education and experience on planning and implementing outreach programs. Seeks to build a career improving astronomy education globally with a special focus on developing countries.

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