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Telescopes, Seats


We wish to acknowledge with gratitude the generous donation of a telescope by Stuart Gold of Trashy Bags.

Trashy Bags: Eco-friendly recycled plastic bags and gifts.
Trashy Bags is an eco-friendly business in Ghana, creating beautiful handbags, briefcases, backpacks and gifts out of recycled plastic rubbish.
In June 2010 Trashy Bags commissioned a film to be made by one of Ghana’s film companies, Creative Storm. The film, directed by Kwesi Owusu, was screened at the annual Environmental FIlm Festival in Accra and later shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival Fight the Plastic Plague Campaign - In Dec 2008 Trashy Bags announced that the French Embassy in Ghana had appointed Trashy Bags as their main partner in a campaign seeking to create awareness of the problems of plastic waste. Currently the plastic waste problem is rarely absent from our newspaper headlines, but there is still a long way to go!

There were generous telescope donations made during IYA2009 from the Galileoscope Cornerstone Project and Celestron. Our gratitude and acknowledgement goes to Michelle Meskill of Celestron and the team at Galileoscope including Rick Fienberg (American Astronomical Society) for the donations of telescopes to Ghana and all their hard work getting them here.

We benefitted from being twinned with Adler Planetarium in Chicago, and we thank them for the consignment of Galileoscope telescope kits for distribution in Ghana. These are kits which young people can assemble themselves and see what Galileo saw 400 years ago. Ghana Planetarium also purchased additional Galileoscopes.

Reclining Chairs

We are grateful to Nick Barton for a generous donation that enabled us to buy reclining seats for the planetarium.

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