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Full-Dome Programmes


We would like to thank
NSC CREATIVE whose full-dome productions we love, who have generously donated some favourite programmes. We would like to thank the staff at THE NATIONAL SPACE CENTRE, LEICESTER, UK, for their warm welcome. Two of our most popular programmes are Astronaut and We are Astronomers.

We’d like to express our gratitude to
MIKE BRUNO of SPITZ who organised the donation of The Zula Patrol and Oasis in Space, another favourite programme.

Oasis In Space transports the audience on a startling and beautiful voyage through our universe, galaxy and solar system in search of liquid water - a key ingredient for life on Earth. Suitable for viewers of all ages.
Science education standards supported include: Grades K-4, Earth and Space Science Content Standard D; Grades 5-8, Earth and Space Science Content Standard D; Science In Personal and Social Perspectives Content Standard F (partial); Grades 9-12, Earth and Space Science Content Standard D.

The Zula Patrol The Zula Patrol, a 3D/CG animated children's show, is designed to entertain while promoting an understanding of science and astronomy through engaging character-driven stories, which focus on specific educational science learning objectives. In every episode of The Zula Patrol, the characters demonstrate inquiry-based learning and critical thinking skills. They also model inquisitiveness, observation, self-reflection, and social experiences that encourage collaboration, teamwork, and an excitement for scientific exploration and problem solving.

The Zula Patrol television show is a part of Zula's PreK - 3rd Grade curriculum titled Zula's Exploration Mission Modules and Afterschool Program titled Zula's Afterschool Discovery Program. Both the school and afterschool programs provide all materials needed for children to view and discuss an episode of The Zula Patrol, read a similarly themed book, complete a similarly themed hands-on activity, and go online to for a technology-based exploration of the program topics.

Read about Spitz at
Founded in 1946, Spitz began as a provider of affordable optical planetarium projectors for schools and small educational institutions. Today, Spitz is the leading supplier of planetariums and domes, with over 1,200 installations worldwide. The expertise of Spitz's talented team covers all aspects of dome theater design, implementation and use, including engineering, manufacturing and installation.

Spitz projection domes are chosen by the most discriminating customers like Disney, Universal Studios, Volkswagen, IMAX and others. Spitz maintains an ongoing research and development program to offer its customers the latest in digital technologies, including SciDome powered by Starry NightTM, the popular desktop astronomy program. With SciDome, the planetarium becomes an immersive digital classroom - including curriculum plans, lessons, assessments and teaching materials for all grade levels. Spitz is also a leading producer and distributor of digital content for fulldome video theaters, with the industry’s most comprehensive catalogue of shows for audiences of all ages.

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