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We are grateful to Jan Warnstam and SCISS for the donation of the Uniview Software. Jan is the Marketing Relations Manager of SCISS AB. SCISS - Smart Content for Interactive Systems - is a supplier of visualization tools, whose main business is in the Uniview product family. Uniview is a computer graphics platform bringing information databases to life in a 3D environment much like an immersive computer game. SCISS's mission is to help planetariums, museums and visualization facilities entertain and educate audiences through visualization, and to create tools that help accomplish these goals.

We are grateful to Ken Yager and Elumenati for the donation of a laptop computer for use with the software. ELUMENATI is a design and engineering firm specialising in the creation and deployment of immersive environments. Omnifocus projection systems require no edge blending, no alignment, and are in focus everywhere. A single projector can fill entire spaces - domes, arbitrary room shapes, globes, and more, with dynamic imagery. "With combined decades of experience in the fields of optical engineering, A/V post-production, automation and control, real-time video processing, systems integration and more, we apply our combined experience to help clients develop compelling experiences." Read more at

We are grateful to Carter Emmart for his expert guidance on our trip through the universe at our inaugural planetarium show. For the past twelve years Carter has been coordinating the efforts of scientists, artists and programmers to build a complete 3D visualization of our known universe. The Digital Universe was developed by the American Museum of Natural History in collaboration with the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA). The Digital Universe is the world's most extensive and accurate 3D atlas of the universe. This interactive database combines the latest astronomical data provided by scientists from around the globe. In this vast atlas you get a view of the observable universe conveying its size and structure. Portions can be seen at

THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY is one of the world's pre-eminent scientific, educational and cultural institutions. "The Museum's Department of Astrophysics conducts an ambitious research program, providing scientific expertise to support the education and outreach activities of the Rose Center for Earth and Space and conveying the excitement of modern astronomy to the public. Research includes observational, theoretical and computational astrophysics and uses ground- and space-based telescopes, super-computers and visualization tools.

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